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Why DaRec?

Your data doesn’t have to be lost. It can be recovered with no risks on your side in a timely manner and a completely fair payment system no other company uses. We will use all our knowledge and resources to recover what is most important to you without damaging the device in any way. And we have a strong technical basis for doing that: 30 years of combined experience in the data-recovery...

The evaluation

is a critical step in the recovery of data. Every other step depends on this one. We will find out how much time and resources we need to invest to recover all the data efficiently. You will find out how much you have to wait and most important, how much is going to cost you. So it`s a win-win situation. That`s why the evaluation of any data loss problem is free at our company. You don`t have...

Stundent Discounts

We support students from all 50 states in the US and Canada with our special service discount for college students. Project papers, exam preparations or doctorate papers are as important as any other kind of data. Most students are also trying to pay their tuition fees which we know is hard so we offer a 10% discount for the full recovery data service. No risk. College students can send any kind...

Recovery Services

Your data isn`t as safe as you might think. There are a dozen of causes that can cause data loss: internal physical/mechanical wear or tear, natural disasters like fires or flooding, simple accidents like spilling hot tea over devices or frequent power surges just to name a few. Even if something like this happens, it`s not over for your data. Call probably the best data recovery company in...

Privacy Policy

The main characteristic of data is that it is private and we understand that. It is in the nature of our job keep total secrecy about the data we recover. Never will your private data leave our labs or be viewed or used in any way by somebody out of our labs. We couldn`t have survived in this business without treating each customers` data with respect and work with it like it`s a treasure. The...

Our offers

You may need to find hidden data for official (lawsuits) or private use. Valuable information can be found on digital supports. We can investigate and search for forensic evidence which has been hidden, deleted or formatted on purpose by a suspect or even physically damaged. Our services include searching and listing recent activities performed or accessed on the Internet (sites or applications)...

On-site lab

We believe that, well trained personnel, is one of the biggest resource we have. But in this type of business it is just not enough. So we invested in the latest technology, the finest hardware devices and software in the industry. The devices we work on are so sensible and need such special attention that we can only afford to use the best equipment available. We did not forget about the basic...

International Service

We are there for you in all 50 states and in Canada. We manage to do this with the help of an extremely efficient shipping system. It doesn`t matter from which of the 48 continental states you sent the drive. By overnight shipping it will get to us at the same time so it can immediately start the recovery process. 24/7 Services our on-site labs are constantly working so people from all US and...

Friendly staff

The latest equipment we have in our labs would mean nothing without our friendly, experienced staff. Our team is made up by professionals with up to 13 years experience with clean records and an outstanding reputation. All technicians and engineers are A+ software and hardware certified. Each member of the team knows what we is supposed to do and does it perfectly.

Fast and safe recovery process

There are two things our customers value the most: time and the security of their data and device. We want to meet those values by providing a fast service while taking maximum care of the data when we perform our recoveries. That`s why the first thing we do when we work on a device is to make a raw mirror copy of it so we don`t have to repeatedly access the drive. We don`t want that because an...

24/7 Support!

To provide a complete data recovery service at the appropriate moment we make our data recovery services and support available not only on the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 regular business hours, but 24/7. We understand data damage can arise when you least expect it and that you need your data to be available exactly when you need it. Crucial data may not be so important after that important...

24 Hour Service

In order to provide a complete data recovery service exactly when you need it we make our Expedited Priority Service available not only on the Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm regular business hours. We also work Saturdays, Sundays and after-hours. We understand unpleasant surprises can arise anytime and that you need your data to be available exactly when you need it.

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