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Wednesday, 2018-03-21

Specific file recovery

Important Files?

Specific file recovery is only effective when you are sure you only need those few files and the rest of the hard-drive operates normally. Each procedure of recovering data is charged with a minimum rate because at each recovery some steps are made invariably, for example creating the raw image or opening of the drive to be able to access the data.

Service 24/7

The best way to do it is to call us and we`ll try to understand together what is the most efficient and cost effective method in your case. We will provide free evaluation and professional services for specific file recovery.

Full Recovery

Other times our clients simply remember they want to save more than a few files (the most common ones being outlook files or my documents folder) and have to pay again for the whole process. So based on our experience we recommend you make a full recovery of your data but we do provide for specific file recovery services.


So based on our experience we recommend you make a full recovery of your data but we do provide for specific file recovery services.

Virus Attak

Data corruption by virus infection is very common, but you might think that with your retail antivirus software you are protected and ready. Actually antivirus software may deal with problems in an inconvenient way. That is by limiting access to the files. So that important file you just received may no longer be read. Or they might not be efficient enough and you can`t get your problem fixed....

Specific file recovery

Possible causes - You may want to recover just one or two specific files that have been deleted, corrupted, infected by viruses or were saved incorrectly. Problems with specific files seem isolated but usually are a sign of bigger problems that are prone to arise.

Removable Disk

Even more prone to physical impact than laptops is the removable media. We provide data recovery services for any type of removable media. You personal photos, documents or backup for important work related files don`t have to be lost. Our best tech people will work on the job. In some cases we may need to disassembly the removable device, operation for which we exclusively use our clean room...


RAID and for that matter any multi-drive systems are very difficult to work with and retrieve data from and usually require more time. That is why the rates are higher than for single-drive storage but still lower than competition. We can provide expert service that is essential as almost all attempts to recover data by an unprofessional will only make matters worse.Using the latest technology...


We offer the same effective services for the hard drives laptops use. These are smaller, but while as effective as the larger ones, they suffer more physical shock as an effect of being a component of a mobile PC and due to unappropriate use are usually very poorly ventilated. Also the minimized size can be a cause of the problem although they work exactly the same as larger ones.

Hard Drives (IDE, EIDE, ATA, SCSI, and laptop)

Deleted or inaccessible data from hard drives can be retrieved without taking chances. Just call us. Hard drives can fail due to various reasons, physical or non-physical. A hard drive is the fastest moving and most solicited part in your computer. Although they become smaller and smaller they host more and more storage data so they have to be very precise mechanical devices. Other than physical...

Database / SQL

A database is the soul of any application. When they become unreadable or corrupted is essential to take the most efficient action in the shortest time. We handle SQL Server, MS Access, MS Exchange server and have extensive experience in repairing and recovering databases on any type of support. Database recovery also requires the knowledge and experience our technicians have for successfully...

Data Conversion & Media duplication

Data Conversion & Media duplication With so many devices and software on the market you can`t find a media format that is fully compatible with any other device. At some point you will need to convert you files into another format to use them and to be up to date with new technology. This process can be sometimes very tricky or it needs specialized hardware and software tools and also...

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